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15-Minute Rule

MEARS Auctions utilizes the 15-Minute per lot closing method. Initial bids must be placed before 9:00 CST. Starting at 9:00 CST, when a single lot receives a bid(s), the 15 minute clock resets and begins to count down for that individual lot at that time.

If a lot has a single bid after the initial 15 minute countdown has expired, the lot will sell to the single lone bidder and that lot will close.

Once a single lot receives a bid during the 15 minute countdown, that specific lot’s auction clock resets for another 15 minutes. During that time, others bidders have a chance to enter another bid. If another bid is placed, the 15-Minute clock resets again. Once nobody places a bid on that specific lot during the 15 minute countdown, that lot closes.

During the 15-Minute rule, lots with zero bids may still be bid on. A single bid will then subject that lot to the 15 minute count down.

Once nobody bids during the 15 minute count down on any active lot, the entire auction closes.

NOTICE: If you are bidding on multiple items. The 15 minute countdown may be ending simultaneously. Please keep track of all your lots and place maximum bids to insure that your lot is protected.

About Mears Auctions

MEARS Auctions is an internet based sales venue that operates out the 15,000 square foot MEARS Corporate Research and Conference Center located in South Milwaukee, Wisconsin. As a separate division within the MEARS structure, we can focus almost exclusively on obtaining and offering unique and quality sports, pop culture, and Americana memorabilia for your consideration.

Our auction cycle, combining both large and small events, allows us to ensure that we can offer something to all collectors, no matter their personal interests or budget.  We do all this with the same level of commitment and integrity that collectors have become accustomed to associating with the MEARS name.